Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Life robed in clouds

I used to think that for me, I am the most precious thing in life. Everything else came later. What mattered most were my joys and my sorrows. I even justified my thoughts convincingly. There was a reason to be so. Just think, if you are not happy yourself what joys will you spread around you!...Nothing! Today I believe that joys are important but if they are equally productive, then the outcome becomes a grand design. I was always fighting a battle in my mind, trying to become more productive....hence more joyful.

One fine day a friend of mine dropped in and my whole perspective changed. I was amazed to know that she carried no negative word in her dictionary. She taught me to look at the word impossible - as I am possible. Since this word got discovered I experienced a new upsurge of confidence, strength, energy and youthful spirit. Now every moment I paint a vibrant picture of life, where there is no room for complaints. I regret nothing. I feel boundless and free. I look at every moment as my destiny just as a batsman looks at each single ball thrown at him. Every moment now is my crucial moment and I invoke it with dignity and victorious gaze.

More later.


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  2. To find a gem of a friend is like comes unexpectedly, just like an emerging sun amongst the darkened clouds in the sky... a true blessing indeed.