Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Life robed in clouds

I used to think that for me, I am the most precious thing in life. Everything else came later. What mattered most were my joys and my sorrows. I even justified my thoughts convincingly. There was a reason to be so. Just think, if you are not happy yourself what joys will you spread around you!...Nothing! Today I believe that joys are important but if they are equally productive, then the outcome becomes a grand design. I was always fighting a battle in my mind, trying to become more productive....hence more joyful.

One fine day a friend of mine dropped in and my whole perspective changed. I was amazed to know that she carried no negative word in her dictionary. She taught me to look at the word impossible - as I am possible. Since this word got discovered I experienced a new upsurge of confidence, strength, energy and youthful spirit. Now every moment I paint a vibrant picture of life, where there is no room for complaints. I regret nothing. I feel boundless and free. I look at every moment as my destiny just as a batsman looks at each single ball thrown at him. Every moment now is my crucial moment and I invoke it with dignity and victorious gaze.

More later.

Friday, January 7, 2011

The beginning

The New Year....a new way to think and act...letting go of all the dark mallice that lay deep within...
This is how I began this year. Well, these are not my resolutions...then what...! You may ask! These thoughts are the defining frames for me for the year. My pledge is just put in my all, as best as I can pull myself up from my own lesser self to the greater self...every moment...every day. It's a tough challenge but I'm fully convinced that I will be able to see it through.